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The products for which certification is compulsory are those which have been determined by resolution of the Ministry of Energy. In the case of electrical products, this includes devices, accessories, equipment, instruments, equipment or machines that use, store, transport or isolate electrical energy or components thereof.

Types of electronic sectors

The electrical equipment sector includes: cables, meters, industrial switching devices, enclosures and casings, small transformers, connecting devices, household protective devices, lighting, household switches, socket bases, and domestic and industrial outlets. All products visible on secure the use of energy and have a direct impact on the energy efficiency of low voltage electrical installations.

The most used electrical materials and their characteristics

Electrical socket: this electrical part is responsible for establishing a secure connection with a plug (male) to complete a function. This type of parts or material can easily be mixed with the decoration of the place where it is installed, because many of its presentations have an aesthetic design.

Switch: this device is responsible for the interruption of the current, its basic presentation consists of 2 contacts in stainless metal and artist performer.

Light bulb: is a production device that produces light by heating metal filaments until they become white as the current passes.

Socket: This material consists of ceramic, plastic or other non-conductive materials and forms the basis for the installation of the bulb.

Conductor or electric cable: it is responsible for the conduct of the electric current and is usually made of copper or aluminum.

Electronic ballast: it is a device responsible for the supply of the starting voltage and the permanent behavior of a lamp.

Circuit breaker: without this device, the daily use of electricity would be dangerous, because we would not be able to control the general passage of electricity that reaches our home or business.

The one-elec site aims to raise public awareness of how electrical equipment can improve the energy efficiency of installations through all the electrical equipment solutions currently available on the market.

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